The Black Panther - Women
The Black Panther - Women

The Black Panther - Women

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This timepiece is perfect for someone who is fierce and powerful, just like you. As a black panther, your eyes hide a mysterious personality. You keep your emotions, your flaws, and your weakness hidden inside you so others can only perceive how unwavering you are. People can’t help but try to understand it, even though they should sometimes fear getting too close to you.

Your strong nature makes it so you can defend yourself from anyone trying to hurt you, but also so you can defend those you want to protect. Beware of the black panther, the woman wearing this watch knows what she is chasing and how to grab it.

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Case Diameter: 3,5  cm 

Bracelet Length: 24 cm 

Bracelet Width: 2.0 cm 

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